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NMHC Docking Station is an external Catalyst for automatic Methane/NMHCs analysis.
Polaris FID SE controls the Docking Station to measure sequentially total hydrocarbons and/or methane only. Automatically it calculates the difference between them reporting the NMHC value. The Docking Station also powers POLARIS FID SE and heated lines. Optional internal temperature controller for the heated line, range 80°C – 200°C

Docking station is developed and tested according to the performance criteria of the EN25140:2010 for methane and not-methane analysis

Dimension and Weight

330 (W) x 110 (H) x 330 (D) mm, 7 Kg

Power Supply

110 – 240VAC

Automatic measurement

Methane, Carbon, total organic, NMHC (calculated)


Temperature Controller (80-200°C) and sampling lines power supply


EN ISO25140:2010