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VOC Monitoring during biomethane upgrading process

Biomethane inserted as a substitute or supplementary gas in the natural gas networks is an important way to achieve the goals of the Kyoto Protocol for fighting climate change. Biomethane use, whether it is produced from biomass grown for the purpose or from biomass generated as a waste of human activities, reduces the use of fossil fuels and fights greenhouse gas emissions coming from organic substances degradation caused by uncontrolled fermentation

On biomethane immission into natural gas transport and distribution networks, UNI EN 16723-1:2016 and UNI/TR 11537:2019 standards provide for the analysis of biomethane gas to show chemical and energy gas characteristics as indicated in art. 6 of the current law. Biomethane may be used as an additional or replacement gas only if it complies with the right legal requirements contextualized for the network in question.

Micro GC FUSION is able to conduct all the analyses required by the legislation in a precise and rapid way; it also provides the possibility to carry out further but necessary analyses for the biomethane compliance overall assessment, in addition to those directly mentioned by the legislation.

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