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Determining the Effects of Harmful LC Solvent Vapors on GC Analysis

Losses of volatile mobile phase components to the atmosphere can result in poor chromatography. Using GC-MS, the changes are observed with and without a SecurityCAP™ product.

Over time, if not properly contained, these harmful solvents can have a negative impact on the health of employees and visitors in the lab. OSHA, ICH, and USP have placed allowable limits for harmful solvents in the workplace or in pharmaceutical ingredients. Also, labs that do not have a dedicated area for both HPLC and GC instruments will suffer from cross contamination of HPLC mobile phase solvents in their GC analyses. False positive GC peaks can be detected on sensitive instruments due to escaped LC solvent vapors.

To examine the presence of cross contamination by LC solvent vapors, an experiment was conducted using INFICON® Micro GC Fusion® Gas Analyzer.

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Health & Safety