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Micro GC Fusion – Simple and rapid measurement of chemicals in coffee bean storage bags

Roasting coffee beans produces the flavor and aroma components that consumers enjoy. Oxygen (O2) is responsible for degrading coffee’s aroma and taste and is therefore undesired in packaging.

When packaging coffee, it is important to remove oxygen by vacuum, gas flush or a combination of both to retain optimum coffee quality and freshness.

The amount of residual oxigen (O2)and nitrogen (N2) in a package plays a key role in preserving the coffee’s quality and freshness. In contrast, when coffee is first packaged fresh out of the roaster, large concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) are evolved and are present inside the package.

Micro GC Fusion gas analyzer was used to analyze the concentrations of O2, N2 , CO2, and CO evolved from both whole and ground coffee beans contained in commercial foil storage bags. This simple Micro GC Fusion procedure can be used to help understand whole or ground bean health, after packaging and storage, as well as understanding packaging integrity. Concentrations from <100ppm to high % levels can be analyzed in less than 70 seconds.

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