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Pollution Analytical Equipment

Instrumentation and systems for on-site chemical analysis of volatile compounds and complete innovative solutions for environmental, process, quality control, research and chemical risk protection applications in CBRNe field.

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Products and Solutions

Innovative, high-tech solutions tailored to user needs. The desire to be ever closer to our customers leads us to offer a comprehensive and constantly growing support system.
We do not limit ourselves to the initial choice phase, but enhance our proposal with a technical contribution that supports the customer during the use of the tools.


Thanks to our proven experience, we are able to provide solutions for complex applications, not only through the study of analytical aspects
but also by tackling all the issues associated with sampling, both on pilot plants and on production facilities.

White paper, application notes, scientific posters, reports, but also news, videos and much more.
A single container for all the insights made by technicians and experts of Pollution Analytical Equipment.