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Biomethane Quality System

Biomethane Quality System

Gascromatographic solution for the analysis of
biomethane composition, in compliance with
the UNI TR 11537:2019 standard

The Biomethane Quality Measurement System is a gascromatographic solution for the biomethane analysis to be injected in the network for energetic purposes (i.e. automotive) in compliance with the UNI TR 11537:2019 standard.

The system is made of three parts: the micro-GC, the Remote Control Box (RCB) and the automatic valve of flux selection.

This solution for measurement of the biomethane quality is compliant with the UNI TR 11537:2019 standard, allowing the continuous check of chemical and minimum energetic characteristics of the biomethane product.

The micro-GC gascromatograph Micro GC Fusion offers a customised configuration, in line with the biomethane compounds and possible odorants, if there is an interest in monitoring the trend.It is possible to configure the instrument only with the necessary modules, optimising costs. The RCB carries out the calculations to monitor the energetic parameters and it communicates the results to the control system.

Calculated parameters

higher heating value (pcs), lower heating value(PCI), Wobbe index (WI), relative density (d), compressibility factor (Z)

  • 3 x RS485
  • 3 x Ethernet
  • WiFi, 4G
Supported protocols
  • modbus ASCI/RTU – SNAM (compliant with RIU comunications)
  • modbus TCP/IP
  • Web APIs
Gas carrier connections

2 x carrier gas inlet: 1/8” OD Swagelok type

Process gas connections
  • 2-8 x sample gas inlet: 1/8” OD Swagelok type
  • 2-8 x calibration gas inlet: 1/8” OD Swagelok type
Gas carrier

helium (He) and/or Argon (Ar)

Biomethane compunds

THT, TBM, H2, CH4, N2, O2, CO, C2, C3, CO2, C4+, H2S-COS, VOC

Performance on measured parameters
  • retention time: ≤ 0,1% RSD
  • area: ≤ 1% RSD (for compounds with ≥ 0,1% concentration)
  • area: ≤ 2,5% RSD (for compounds with ≥ 0,1% concentration)
Detector linearity


Data logging

> 3 years of all analytical data(PCS, PCI, WI, Z, d, gas composition, cromatograms , calibrations, events)

Pollution, Inficon
Quality & Process
microGC, TCD, GC
C1-C12, C4H10S, C4H8S, CH4, C2H6, CO, CO2, H2, O2, H2S, COS, N2