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VOC Monitor for water analysis

The Inficon CMS5000 monitoring system is an autonomous unit that uses the gascromatographic technology (GC) to continously monitor water quality unattended.

The CMS5000 system carries out complex analysis in the most critical conditions. Its programmable CMS IQ software allows you to manage the sample collection and its consequent analysis or simplying chose to use one of pre-configured methods.

The analytical data report the real-time, actual condition of water at the sampling time, giving you all the useful information to make a decision in a critical moment, in a more informed and propmt way. The concentration level can be measured and registered in a few minutes.

CMS5000 is the perfect tool to monitor the distribution system of drinking water, the source water protection, the wastewater discharge compliance, groundwater remediation and air quality monitoring.

Integrated performance standard

Toluene permeation tube for check standard calibration

Detectable compounds


Data analysis

Automatic peak detection and area integration for known compounds

Colonna GC

DB-1, 0.32 mm ID, 30 m, 4.0 μm df or equivalent

Heated Zones - max temperature
  • column: 225°C
  • valves: 60°C
  • detector oven: 110°C
Temperature Programmable Column Module

from 55°C to 200°C

Carrier gas

Argon 99,999% @ 414-689 kPa (60-100 PSI)

Variable column pressure control

regulator pre-set to 90 psi

MAID sensitivity
  • 0,5 ppb benzene in water, s/n >200:1
  • 0.5 ppb MTBE in water, s/n >15:1
MAID ionization source

Ni-63 2,4 mCi

Operating temperature

from 5°C t 45°C


43 x 83 x 26 cm


25 kg

Quality & Process
(CH3)2C6H4, C1-C12, C2H4, (C2H5)C6H5, C6H6, C7H8, CHX3, VOC