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Handheld Particle Counter

Handheld Particle Counter

Kanomax handheld particle counters
(models: 3888 and3889) for accurate
measuring and monitoring

Kanomax handheld particle counters (models 3888 and 3889) allow the measurement of the concentration of particles in the air and the monitoring and verification of clean rooms, operating theatres and many more highly specialized and highly sensitive applications.

The instruments meet/exceed new ISO 21501-4 Standards, and their extreme ease of use, their small size, battery power supply and ability to store up to 10,000 measurements make it extremely practical.

Light source

Laser diode

Measuring Particle Size
  • 3888: 0.3μm, 0.5μm, 5.0μm
  • 3889: 0.3μm, 0.5μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, 10.0μm
Rated Flow

0.1 CFM (2.83 L/min)

Max Detectable Concentration

10% per 2.000.000 particelle/CF

Data Storage

Up to 10,000 records in CSV format

Environmental Sensor

Air velocity, temperature, relative humidity and pressure

  • Standard: USB (Host: for printer and USB flash memory; Device: for PC)
  • Stand (option): RS485, Ethernet, and WiFi connection points in the base/stand
Power Supply
  • Internal: Li-ion rechargeable battery (replaceable)
  • External: AC adaptor Input 100 to 240 V
Operating temperature
  • Main body: 10 – 40°C, RH 0-85% (senza condensa)
  • Probe: 0—50°C, RH 2 –98% (senza condensa)

(H x W x D) 100 x 213 x 55 mm



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