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Biomethane Upgrading Monitoring System

Biomethane Upgrading Monitoring System

Monitoring System to measure
the most important parameters
in the Biomethane upgrading system

The Pollution Monitoring System is the ideal solution to measure the most important parameters in the biomethane upgrading system, especially to monitor the VOC (Volative Organic Compound) that interfear with biomethane odorants.

The solution is composed of Micro GC Fusion and a sampling system MPF (Multi Point Flammable). It can be configured in three different solutions to meet all the different needs that the gas grid owner have according to the sector of expertise (agricultural, waste management, waste management).

The sampling is the most delicate phase of the analysis when it is easy to make mistakes: the sampling needs to be repetable and rapresentative. For this reason it is necessary a system compatible with teh contact with the sample.

Data communication is managed via Modbus (TCP/IP) and/or dedicated cloud software “Pollution Guardian”.

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Quality & Process
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C1-C12, C4H10S, C4H8S, CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10, CO, CO2, H2, O2, H2S, COS, N2, VOC, C3H6O, C4H8O, C10H16, C8H8, Ketone, Terpenes