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Hapsite ER

Hapsite ER

Portable gascromatograph/mass spectrometer’s (GC/MS)
for sofisticated analysis with the easiest operativity

Hapsite ER is the only gascromatograph/ mass spectrometer which identifies and quantifies all the compunds in the field, with lab- quality results, in less than 10 minutes and with the maximum easy of use. All the operator has to do is push a button to begin identifying and quantifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs),toxic industrial chemicals (TICs),toxic industrial materials (TIMs), chemical warfare agents (CWAs), and select semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs).

HAPSITE ER has the capability to identify analytes in the PPM (parts per million) – PPT (parts per trillion) range reducing the sample handling, complexity and analysis time.

Hapsite ER includes: analytics module, NEG pump, power supply, charger, 2 batteries, PC with NISTand AMDIS libraries, NIOSH database, manual control unit (probe) and with the specific accessories it analyses also liquid and solid matrices, with the headspace or with SPME fibers.

HAPSITE ER integrates a pre-concentration system,chromatography column (15m, Rtx 1MS), a quadrupole mass spectrometer and autonomous system for the vacuum NEG-Pump.

It can operate in two modes: “Survey” (MS only)for immediate screening and identification of the optimal position of the sampling probe; “Analyze” (GC-MS) for detailed analysis.


(H x W x D) 180 x 430 x 460 mm


19 kg with battery

Power supply

Rechargeable NiMH battery pack or AC converter

Power requirement

24 V (dc), 30 watts at normal operating conditions

Hard Drive

16 GB internal storage

Flash Drive


Sample introduction

Air probe (included) or optional accessory

Carrier gas



802.11G wireless or direct Ethernet connection

Data analysis

AMDIS Mass Spectral Libraries, NIOSH, (NIST on optional laptop)

Sample type

VOCs and select SVOCs

Detection limit

PPT for most analytes

Environment & Safety, CBRNe
(CH3)2C6H4, C1-C12, C2H4, C4H6, C6H5Et, C6H6, C7H8, CWA-TIC, VOC