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Micro GC Fusion

Micro GC Fusion

Maximum throughput and easy operation
for fast decisions when they matter most

Micro GC Fusion offers a series of advanced features in a compact, light-weight and easy to carry instrument, making it possible to make a quick but detailed analysis where and when necessary.

It offers a significant producitivity advance due to its tested micro gascromatographic technology (µGC), to the innovative settable fast thermal ramp and its modular architecture.

The Micro GC Fusion offers analysis functions on gaseous matrices (up to C12) with execptional sensititvity and repeatibility characteristics.

The web based user interface allows a streamlined functioning for the gas mixture analysis for both on-site and in- lab gas analysis.

Sensitive, smart and easy to use, the Micro GC Fusion represents the ideal mix of ease of use and powerful data analysis capability, able to meet even the most complex needs.


variable volume, great variable volume, backflush, fixed volume

GC columns

capillary WCOT (Wall Coated Open Tubular) – PLOT (Porous Layer Open Tubular)

Dynamic linearty range


Settable column temperature
  • 35 °C, or 15 °C above ambient temperature
  • Max 250°C or the maximum temperature of the stationary phase in the column (according to quantity it can be inferior)
  • Resolution 0,1 °C
  • Heating speed 5 °C at 2nd max. (or inferior, according to the column )
Detection limit

1 ppm, n-esano (colonne WCOT)

Internal volume

240 nL (MEMS)

Retention time

≤0,1% RSD (colonne WCOT)

Peak aerea

≤1% RSD (compound with ≥0,1% concentration, WCOT columns)

Gas Carrier

helium, hydrogen, argon

Wired Ethernet

RJ-45 connection

Wireless Ethernet

IEEE 802.11a/g/n

Power Supply
  • 100–240 V (AC), 50–60 Hz, 5 A
  • 24 V (DC), 10,83 A, 260 W
Operative temperature

from 0 to 50°C

Dimensions (lenght. x width x height)
  • 2 Modules Chassis : 43,3 x 20 x 26,5 cm
  • 4 Modules Chassis: 47,5 x 43,2 x 27,1 cm
  • 2 Modules Chassis: 6,2 kg
  • 2 Modules Chassis: 15,4 kg
Environment & Safety, Quality & Process
microGC, TCD, GC
(CH3)2C6H4, Ar, C1-C12, C2Cl4, C2H2, C2H4O, C2H4, C3H2CIF5O, C3H2F6O, C3H6, C4H10S, C4H3F7O, C4H6, C4H8S, (C2H5)C6H5, C6H6, C7H8, CH2O, CH4, C2H6, CO, CO2, H2, O2, H2S, COS, He, Kr, N2, N2O, Ne, NH3, SO2, VOC, Xe, C3H6O, C3H8, C10H16, C4H10, C5H12, C6H14, C2H5OH, CH3OH