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Odorants quantity measurement system

Analysis System of odorants quantity in fuel gas

The Pollution Analytical Equipment Analysis System of odorants quantity in fuel gas is an automatic gas chromatographic solution for the continuous determination of the odorants (THT or TBM) amount injected into the distribution network, in accordance with UNI 7133:2019.

The Automatic Odorants Quantity Measurement System consists of two parts: a compact and reliable micro-gas chromatograph suitable for installation directly in the gas network proximity and a SCADA data storage, processing and communication system.

This device complies with UNI 7133:2019 and carries out the analysis in a similar way to gas chromatographic systems that are currently used in a portable way.

The system makes it possible for continuous, unattended monitoring of the odorant rate in distribution networks. This allows gas network operators to ensure that the minimum odour rate required by law is respected. At the same time, it allows minimizing the amount of odorant injected saving money without compromising safety.


Automated gas chromatograph for odorants (THT-TBM) quantity analysis.

  • 3 x RS485 dedicated to the communication with Modbus ASCI/RTU
  • 3 x Ethernet TCP/IP Modbus / Web APIs
  • WiFi, 4G
  • Optional: Digital AUX I/O, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, other connections upon request
Gas carrier connection

1 Carrier gas inlet: 1/8” OD Swagelok type

Gas processo connection
  • 1 Sample gas inlet: 1/8” OD tipo Swagelok
  • 1 Calibration gas inlet: 1/8” OD tipo Swagelok
Gas carrier

Elio (He) o Idrogeno (H₂):

  • approximate consumption 8 ml/min
  • minimum quality 5.5
  • pressure: 5.0 ± 0.5 bar
Sample gas conditions
  • Pressure: 1 bar ± 0.5 bar
  • Consumption: 2 – 5 ml per ogni analisi (escluso flusso di bypass del fast loop)
  • Temperature: 0 – 50 °C
  • Free from particulate and liquids (H2O < 2000 ppm; particolato Ø < 2µm)
Data logging

Odorants concentration storage (THT o TBM) in mg/m3 with lower and/or upper alarm


Power supply

24 W (a regime 50W, picco 200W) automatic Restart after a power failure

Operating temperatures

From -10°C a 55°C – Outdoor

Pollution, Inficon
Quality & Process
microGC, GC, TCD
C4H8S, C4H10S