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Measuring VOCs on a 20 m Rxi-1ms Module Using Micro GC Fusion

Micro GC Fusion Analysis of Pipeline Natural Gas

Extended Natural Gas Analysis Using Micro GC Fusion

Analysis of Refinery Gas with Micro GC Fusion

Biomethane quality measurement with Micro GC Fusion

Micro GC Fusion Analyzes VOCs on a 15 Meter Stabilwax Column

Micro GC Fusion Hydrogen Sulfide Applications

TBM or THT odorants compunds Continuous and Automated Monitoring in Natural Gas Distribution Networks

Monitoring odorants level in automated and online way directly on the network in the most strategic points.

Rapid analysis of SO₂ to determine catalyst efficiency

Sistema di analisi sia per il monitoraggio in continuo che per le analisi in loco del catalizzatore al fine di mantenere l’integrità del campione che potrebbe essere compromessa durante il trasporto dello stesso al laboratorio.

Redevelopment of contaminated sites

L’iter di risanamento dei siti contaminati disciplina gli interventi di bonifica, definisce i criteri e le modalità per lo svolgimento delle operazioni necessarie per l’eliminazione o la riduzione delle sostanze inquinanti.

Chemical Risk

Chemical Risk means the diffusion of substances, chemical compounds or chemical compounds mixtures capable of causing damage, even large, to humans and to the environment. The profile of this type of risk is closely related to the chemicals productio

VOC Monitoring during biomethane upgrading process

On biomethane immission into natural gas transport and distribution networks, UNI EN 16723-1:2016 and UNI/TR 11537:2019 standards provide for the analysis of biomethane gas to show chemical and energy gas characteristics.

Stack emission monitoring & TOC determination

Using the Polaris FID SE analyser, it is possible to carry out the VOCs monitoring according to EN 12619 without lifting heavy accessories typically involved with common FID analysers.

BTEX analysis

PyxisGC BTEX analyses were compared to another instrument installed in the ARPA Puglia Air Quality Cabin, located in Taranto (Italy).    

Outdoor air quality in Smart City

A Smart City is a city that guarantees a good quality of life for its inhabitants, and air quality is one of the most important indicators, since it has direct and evident effects on the health of the community.

Semi-volatile Chlorinated Compounds Identification via SPME

Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) followed by Hapsite ER detection and identification of semi-volatile polychlorinated hydrocarbons in an aqueous mixture.

Detection of VOCs in a Semiconductor fabrication plant

HAPSITE Smart Portable GC/MS: detection of VOCs in a semiconductor fabrication plant.

Micro GC Fusion Natural Gas Analysis for Engine and Appliance Manufacturers

Rapid and precise analysis of the chemical composition and physical properties of natural gas is critical for appliance, boiler, and engine manufacturers.

Calibration Curves for 68 Volatile Organic Compounds in Water (purge&Trap)

HAPSITE Portable GC/MS with SituProbe: Calibration Curves for 68 Volatile Organic Compounds in Water

Determining the Effects of Harmful LC Solvent Vapors on GC Analysis

Losses of volatile mobile phase components to the atmosphere can result in poor chromatography. Using GC-MS, the changes are observed with and without a SecurityCAP™ product

Rapid Analysis of Neon and Carbon Monoxide in mouse Lung Diffusion Capacity

This application not describes the advantages when using Micro GC Fusion to accurately and rapidly analyze mouse lung components to generate lung diffusion models.

Rapid Analysis of heating value and natural gas composition

Analisi rapida e precisa della composizione chimica e delle proprietà fisiche del gas naturale.

Rapid Analysis of Syngas using Micro GC Fusion

This application note describes the advantages of using the FAST Enabled Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer to rapidly analyze typical synthesis gas (syngas) components to optimize the process of generating high quality syngas.

Micro GC Fusion – Simple and rapid measurement of chemicals in coffee bean storage bags

Use of Micro GC Fusion to analyze the concentrations of O2, N2 , CO2, and CO evolved from both whole and ground coffee beans contained in commercial foil storage bags

Reliable Landfill Wellhead Tuning using Micro GC Fusion

Use of Micro GC Fusion to Analyze landfill gas and optimize its quality.

Refinery Gas Analysis using Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

This application note describes the advantages of using Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer to analyse refinery gases.

Simple and Fast Gas Analysis for University Catalyst

This application note describes the advantage of using Micro GC Fusion to provide rapid gas composition analysis for catalyst research projects.