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Case History PyxisGC BTEX – Industrial monitoring for Smart Cities

In recent years, ARPA Sicilia has recorded the same annual average of benzene concentration in urban areas. As far as industrial areas are concerned, especially the one of AERCA in Syracuse (Sicily), it has been detected a very high average concentration of this pollutant.

To safeguard the citizens living near Augusta industrial center, given the cancerous nature of benzene and the detection of very high hourly average concentrations (more than 400 µg/m3 ), ARPA Sicilia is about to carry out a series of widespread monitoring activities focused on this pollutant, especially in the most delicate urban areas, like schools.

Pollution Analytical Equipment has worked together with ARPA Sicilia for an on-site “validation” test of PyxisGC BTEX, because the instrument features make it possible to carry out successful and efficient monitoring in line with the goals previously set.

Read the Case History to find out the experience of ARPA Sicilia with PyxisGC BTEX!