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Case History PyxisGC BTEX – Reliables surveys even in harsh environments

Within crude oil refining plants, fugitive emissions from losses along the transport line, loading/unloading operations, refined product storage tanks, or dirty water treatment areas, contribute to the release into the atmosphere of more than 1 million tonnes of volatile organic compounds/dangerous air pollutants (VOC/HAP) per year.

In the field of environmental monitoring and air quality, the pH Laboratory wants to use reliable analytical instrumentation, able to provide precise information on the type and concentration of specific pollutants. Within the framework of this project, there’s a need to monitor the evolution of emissions in the petrochemical field, with particular attention to aromatic compounds such as BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene) and related olfactory harassment.

Pollution Analytical Equipment supplied a portable gas chromatograph, called PyxisGC, to conduct the monitoring campaign of BTEX. Thanks to the intrinsic capabilities of the chromatographic technique, the instrument can also be used to monitor different types of emissions and produce a chromatographic fingerprint, to connect olfactory harassment to a specific source or to a specific event.

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