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Case History PyxisGC BTEX – GC on-site Technology for Odour Nuisances Monitoring

Odour emissions are one of the most important causes of complaints by citizens. Given the subjective nature of olfactory perceptions, their assessment is a very complex issue to deal with. This is a problem that does not necessarily concern directly the citizens’ health, however, it can have a strong impact on people’s psychophysical well-being and quality of life.

Since the beginning of 2021 ARPA Puglia, in collaboration with Pollution Analytical Equipment, has started an extremely interesting test to evaluate the PyxisGC BTEX applicability to odour nuisances monitoring in specific contexts, in order to integrate and enhance the current technological setup with high-performance technologies.

Read the Case History to find out more about the experience of ARPA Puglia with PyxisGC BTEX in Taranto!