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Portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions – Polaris FID PF-300

Lightweight, Compact, Ergonomic, Safe.
POLARIS FID (PF-300) is the evolution of our bestseller Polaris FID, the on-site portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions in compliance with EN12619, EN13526 and EPA METHOD 25A. It is a fully portable instrument because it incorporates everything needed for the analysis and it is TÜV Rheinald certified (ID 000039773)

Thanks to the new Bluetooth connection, Polaris FID can collect the data in real time and the McFID software allows to view (always in real time) data and graph collected. Finally, thanks to the introduction of new APP (developing) that runs in any Android smart device, there is the possibility to view in real time data and graph in your smart phone or tablet. Data can be stored directly inside the smart device memory and exported as Excel file format ready to be sent via email. There is also the possibility to geotagging every measurement.


  • On-site analysis of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) in Stack Emissions, in compliance with EN12619:2013 and EPA Method 25A
  • Methane/NMHC Automatic analysis in compliance with EN25140:2010
  • Environmental screening


  • DB 11/T 1367—2016 Determination of methane/ non-methane hydrocarbons (MHC/NMHC ) and Total Hydrocarbons (THC) in stationary pollution sources with Portable hydrogen flame ionization detector method
  • HJ1012-2018 Ambient air and waste gas MHC/NMHC and THC
  • HJ/T38-2017


  • Size and Weight:  355(W) x 155(H) x 426(D) mm, 10 Kg (with batteries 13,4 Kg)
  • Power Supply: External Power Adapter 110 – 240VAC – 24VDC @ 8,2A; 2 NMH batteries 9Ah (running-time 3h @ 140°C detector)
  • Transportation Information: UN 3496, Class 9 with Special Provision A199
  • Sampling: Heated head system
  • Environmental Operating Ranges: +5°C < T < +40°C – 0% < RH < 95%
  • Max detector body temperature: 195°C
  • Max temperature Sample Inlet: 185°C
  • Materials in contact with the sample: Steel AISI316 and high performance polymers
  • Sample flow: Approximately 800 ml/min
  • Sample pressure: atm ± 100 mbar
  • Measuring Range: 0-20/50/150/500/5000/10000 mgC/Nm 3 (other on request); 0-10/100/1000/5000 ppm relative to Propane
  • Accuracy: 1% of the F.S. or 0,4 mgC/Nm3 , whichever is greater (0,25 ppm as Propane)
  • Setting Methods and Data Storage: Upload/Download Methods via USB;  Internal Flash Memory data storage (20 days of continuous measurements)
  • Interfaces: USB (download/upload methods and download data); Bluetooth (computer connection with provided software for real time data acquisition and designed APP for any Android smart device)
  • Flame management: Electronic, with diagnostic and ‘flame off’ visual alarm, automatic system to restart the flame
  • Hydrogen storage cartridge: Metal hydrides technology (running-time about 20 hours); rechargeable via external source of hydrogen under moderate pressure; transportation Information: no transport restriction (UN 3479)
  • Zero Air: 1L Cylinder (non-rechargeable): technical air @ 12bar / 20°C (running time approximately 10h); Quick connectors for external Zero Air cylinder; Transportation Information: UN 1956, Hazard Class Number 2.2 (Non-Flammable Gas)
  • Span Gas: 1L Cylinder (non-rechargeable): propane in air @ 12bar / 20°C (Concentration of total carbon equivalent : 16/40/120/320mg/Nm); other configurations on request; quick connectors for external Span Gas cylinder
  • Transportation Information: UN 1956, Hazard Class Number 2.2 (Non-Flammable Gas)

Qingdao Huankong Equipment CO., LTD. – Polaris FID Exclusive Chinese Distributor

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