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Micro GC Fusion Odorants in Natural Gas

Sulfur-containing odorants are added to natural gas to allow leaks to be detectable by humans through smell. Numerous factors, including adsorption and oxidation, can cause the odor to fade, which diminishes the smell of the odorant. Ensuring that there is enough odorant present to smell a leak is critical. Common odarants include dimethyl sulfide (DMS), tert-butyl mercaptan (TBM) and thiophene (THT) and are often added so that the concentrations in the gas are at the single-digit ppm level. The type of odorants added and the concentrations levels vary by country, geography, and gas utility company.

Micro GC Fusion is a small, easily transportable gas chromatograph (GC) that allows analysis to be completed directly in the fieid or in a stationary location. This ensures sample integrity and provides fast, reliable analysis.

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Natural Gas