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Certified air quality monitoring station.

Airpointer is a fully configurable monitoring station that offers a wide range of analytical modules that uses certified methods as a reference. It can measure pollutants (SO2, NO2 / NOX, CO, O3 and PM2.5 & PM10), detect the BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene), measure the most common weather parameters without using carrier gas.

The Airpointer station is compliant with the EN14625 (O3), EN 14626 (CO), EN 14211 (NO/NO2 / NOX), EN 14212 (SO2) and USEPA standard

It is easy to install, cost-effective and reduces the manitenance costs (80 % less compared to the other instruments available on the market). It can be used on vehicles or permanently installed on a pole or wall.

Base unit

2 or 4 certified modules

Certified modules

SO2, NO2 / NOX, CO, O3 and PM2.5 & PM10

Other sensors

BTEX, nephelometer, multi PM, weather sensors, traffick indicators, noise, electrochemical sensors for formaldehyde, ethane, UV radiatoins, toxic gases, VOC, relative humidity, temperature and high-intensity.

  • standard: Wi-Fi, Ethernet (LAN)
  • optional modem: 4G
Power supply

max. 670 W

Operating Range

from -20°C to 42°C


from 890 x 920 x 400 mm to 1480 x 920 x 650mm (according to the module)


from 65 kg to 110 kg (according to the module)

Environment & Safety
PID, NDIR, Chemiluminescence, UV fluorescence, UV absorption
CO, CO2, NO2, NOx, (CH3)2C6H4