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Polaris FID SE

Polaris FID SE

The portable TVOC analyser is
the answer to your on-site detection challenges
for stack emissions

Polaris FID SE

Polaris FID SE (Smart Edition): the rechargeable batteries, refillable hydrogen cartridge, integrated 1L gas bottles, and Bluetooth connectivity will make your job a lot easier!

Lightweight, compact, ergonomic and safe, Polaris FID SE is a unique portable heated FID analyzer in compliance with EN12619 and EPA METHOD 25A incorporating everything needed for full on-site analysis in a very handy case.

Polaris FID is not another cumbersome analyzer but it is a robust, precise, and portable instrument, that provides accurate results even in tough conditions. The overall equipment is resistant to high temperatures and humidity to cope with a typical situation in the stack emission. The miniaturization of the flame ionization detector (FID) and volumetric sampling system result in outstanding energy savings allowing the use of built-in rechargeable batteries.

Polaris FID is also equipped with a compact bullet-proof hydrogen storage cartridge for the best portability and safety.

Thanks to Bluetooth Connection and a proprietary App, Polaris FID can be connected wireless to any Android smart device to view real-time data and graphs.

  • USB (download/upload methods and download data)
  • Bluetooth (computer connection with provided software for real time data acquisition and designed APP for any Android smart device)
Measuring Range
  • 0-20/50/150/500/5.000/10.000/100.000 mgC/Nm3 (other on request)
  • 0-10/100/1.000/5.000/50.000 ppm relative to Propane
Detector Temperature


Power Supply
  • External Power Adapter: 110÷240 Vac – 24 Vdc, 200W
  • 2 NMH batteries 9Ah (running-time roughly 2h @180°C)
  • Battery Transportation Information: UN 3496, Class 9 with Special Provision A199

355(W) x 155(H) x 426(D) mm


10 Kg (with batteries 13,4 Kg)

Environment & Safety